The “What’s Inside” body of work was inspired by a 5” tall 500 year-old statue of a fertility goddess. These pieces imagine looking inside the belly of a woman and finding the essence of her ... that happens not to be a baby. In a way, she’s pregnant but with many other possibilities. 

Each lady is interactive art you can touch. See the description of each piece for details.
create your universestamp_lady.html
working girlworking_girl.html
catholic girlcatholic_girl.html
go go girlgo_go_girl.html
invest in yourselfinvest_in_yourself.html
play hardplay_hard.html
travel the world but always write homewrite_home.html
there’s no place like homemonopoly.html
girl from ipanema
music makes the world go ‘roundguitar_lady.html
create nurture protectcreate_nurture.html
sing dance playmusic_lady.html
go! travel! explore!world_currency.html
sing dance playmusic_lady_red.html
explore what’s inside
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