corners of those countries. During my time there, I spent the night at a minority village in Vietnam and ended up teaching an impromptu English lesson to about 15 boys and men until none of us could stay awake any longer (and then they knocked at my door at 7 a.m. to start again); I brought food to and got to know children who live at a dump in Cambodia (like the one in Slumdog Millionaire); I befriended prostitutes and partied with them on my 39th birthday; I met and photographed a king in Bali; I played with tigers in Thailand and I climbed mountains in Ha Long Bay.

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I bought a motorbike that was a Chinese knock-off of a Honda which required mechanical service every other day for six weeks as I drove it from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. I met a Vietnamese man who bought a dictionary so he could find the right English word to describe my smile; I was directed to people's backyards in response to "Where's the bathroom?" Later, in my hotel, I delighted in simple things like Western toilets. I ate spider legs, any number of fried insects, congealed goat's blood and drank rice wine with goat penises floating in it. I also ate the most delicious Vietnamese food ever.?

I was adopted as a sister, a daughter and a mother repeatedly; I posed for a photograph with a bride in her new bridal suite on the eve of her wedding and I was taught to row those little round woven fishing boats.

On top of that, I was chased by wild dogs and bitten by a monkey in Bali, and I was included as "immediate family" for a front-and-center seat at a Balinese cremation ceremony.

I have 10 million memories, 95 percent of which were magical and positive; 100 percent of which I'm glad I experienced, even if some turbulence came with them.

I returned to the US in March of 2009 for five months to do a few shows and attend my brother’s wedding and went back to Asia again, this time for 3 months.? I returned to Bali and Vietnam, my two favorites.? I am currently? writing a book about my adventures during both visits.? In the meantime, you’re welcome to adventure with me vicariously through the travel blog I kept during my first trip.? Check it out at www.sevenmonths.com.?

In lieu of a blog, I kept a photo journal during my second trip.? You can see some of those photos below.? If you are interested in purchasing any of these photographs, please email me for size and pricing info.

In 2008, I enriched my life dramatically by fulfilling an ages old dream of long term travel. I spent 7 months in late 2008 and early 2009 traveling independently around Southeast Asia.? I spent considerable time in Bali, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.? I learned to ride a motorbike and adventured to remote??